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Family Dermatology
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About Our Office

We’re listening to what our patients say:

“I want a doctor who’s there when I need him.”  

Dr. Pearlman understands that top-notch medical care is only part of the solution to your needs. You also need to be able to get an appointment when you have an urgent problem.  

Thus, we work to insure that:

  • You will get an appointment when you need one. We save four appointments every day for our patients’ urgent dermatological needs.
  • Emergency attention is just a telephone call away. For help outside of office hours, just call our regular office number. Via our voice mail paging system, Dr. Pearlman or another local dermatologist can be contacted.  
"I'm concerned about the risk of infection."  

Everyone is concerned about the risk of AIDS, and we are too.  We follow all of the recommended sterilization and decontamination procedures,  to assure you of the safest possible medical care.

Furthermore, Dr. Pearlman uses Smoke-Erase, a device he invented, that captures and filters the smoke produced by the electro-cautery unit.  Thus, we've eliminated the acrid odor often associated with minor surgery, and no one has to breathe the airborne blood particles contained in the smoke. 

"I hate insurance paperwork."  

To help you get timely reimbursement, we've invested in a computerized insurance processing system.  Just pay our bill at the time of service, and we will fill out and file your primary insurance claim for you.  We will also help you file claims with your secondary and tertiary insurers.  Furthermore, we belong to many preferred provider insurance plans.  Please check with the office staff to see if we are a provider for your plan. 

"I want a medical office where my kids will feel comfortable."  

We know that a doctor's office can sometimes be a scary place for kids, so we try our best to make medicine friendly.  Our exam rooms are stocked with toys, and we have a selection of colorful stickers  to reward the patience of our young patients.  

"I want my doctor to know the latest research findings about my condition."  

Using the Internet, Dr. Pearlman can tap into the on-line database of the National Library of Medicine to get the latest information about diagnosis and treatment of your condition.